Rules & Policies

Anti- Harassment and Pro Enthusiastic Consent Policy

Nomikai Dallas is dedicated to creating a fun and safe environment for all attendees, no matter regardless of gender, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, body size, race, age or religion We will not tolerate harassment of guests, attendees, or staff in any form. Anyone found violating these rules will face consequences up to and including expulsion and banning from this and future Nomikai Dallas events.

Harassment includes, but is not limited to:

  • Verbal comments that reinforce social structures of domination [related to gender, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, body size, race, age and religion.
  • Sexual images in public spaces
  • Deliberate intimidation, stalking or following
  • Harassing photography or recording
  • Sustained disruption of talks or other events
  • Inappropriate physical contact
  • Unwelcome sexual attention
  • Advocating for, or encouraging, any of the above behavior

Participants asked to stop any harassing behavior are expected to comply immediately and without argument. If someone makes you or anyone else feel unsafe or unwelcome, please find a staff member and report the situation so the safety team can take care of the situation. Harassment, consent violations, and other code of conduct issues such as these reduce the value of our event for everyone. We here at Nomikai Dallas want you to have fun at our event. You make our show a better place.

Enthusiastic Consent

At Nomikai, we follow the ideals of enthusiastic consent. So, when thinking about consent, remember the following:

  • Consent is informed
  • Before taking a picture of someone, giving a hug, or any physical contact at all, remember to ask and tell the person what you would like to do (take a picture of their cosplay, give them a hug, etc).
  • Consent is enthusiastic
  • Remember ONLY YES MEANS YES. Consent is a full body experience, so pay attention, and if a person seems unsure about you taking their picture, or making physical contact, realize that that is a no. Be graceful in accepting this answer, and move on with the interaction normally.
  • Consent is mutual and continuous
  • Throughout an interaction, any party can state they would like the interaction to end at any time. If at any time someone decides to end the exchange, then that means that consent is revoked and the situation should end with respect immediately. Just because you consent to a photo does not mean you consent to a hug, or anything else.
  • Consent is without coercion
  • Power imbalances cause many of our difficulties with consent, and all consent should be 100% done free of any manipulation, head games, or blackmail.

Reporting of Attendees, Vendors, or Guests

We have staff trained to take your reports confidentially and with serious respect. You may report anonymously, or personally. When taking a personal report, our staff will ensure you are escorted to safe location and cannot be overheard. They may involve other event staff to ensure your report is managed properly. Once safe, we’ll ask you to tell us about what happened. This can be upsetting, but we’ll handle it as respectfully as possible, and you can bring someone to support you. You will never be asked to confront the person and we will never tell anyone who you are.

To report anonymously, you may do so at We promise to investigate every report fully and to whatever action is necessary to prevent a recurrence. Of course, with an anonymous report we will not be able to follow up with you for more information or resolution.

Our team will be happy to help you contact hotel/venue security, local law enforcement, local support services, or otherwise assist you to feel safe for the duration of the event. We value your attendance.

Reporting of Staff

At Nomikai Dallas we understand that our staff are the first points of contact for all attendees, vendors, and guests. We hold any staff member or volunteer to the highest of standards. Any acts of harassment or rudeness will be taken extremely seriously. If you have a concern or complaint you may instantly reach out to This mailbox is monitored 24-7 and a response will be as immediate as possible, even at the event.

Nomikai Dallas will update this policy with a list of live phone numbers at the start of each event, where you may also reach out for immediate assistance.